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Tell a friend

Good morning everyone.
Hope you’re all doing well. A good way to get the site out there where people can see all the good things happening at Lyncrest, I now added a section in your profile area where you can invite a friend and spread the news.
Of course subscribers will not have access to some areas of the site but will have access to pertinent information and what’s happening.

please see attached image on where to find the link.

“FYI AAIR reports on hold”

Just last month I called to see if my annual email was sent out so I could file my annual airworthiness information report (AAIR) and was advised of this

Aircraft AAIR – Maintenance In Progress

PLEASE NOTE – ANNUAL AIRWORTHINESS INFORMATION REPORT (AAIR) PROGRAM FOR 2023 IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD. Submission of your data for the reporting period covering January 1st, 2022, to December 31st, 2022, is not currently required and an exemption to this requirement will be issued shortly. The ability to view or submit an AAIR is unavailable.

Transport Canada will not be providing the AAIR Form or any support for the program this year. .