Manitou Breakfast callout

A few days before the flight a call goes out for those who are interestred in a small X-country trip to Manitou for breakfast. That’s how it usually starts here at Lyncrest. A great bunch of people to say the least with the one main thing in common. We love to fly.. I would have loved to have gone but I had a little more maintenace to do on my Sonex.

However, early morning on October 24th, 2023 the call was answered by a few individuals to have one last season trip for breakfast in the peaceful little town on Manitou, Manitoba that is situated 160km SW of Winnipeg. Once at the airport your usually greeted by one of the flying club members and you all head into town for and awesome breakfast.

This Manitou trip was the first trip on Harolds new beauty that he just finished building and flying off the required hours for certification. (Congratulations on that again!!).

On the trip out there everyone takes off roughly at the same time so they roughly arrive at the same time. A quick 40-50 minute flight and your there. once there a nice little 15 minute walk to the TTs return restaurant bacon and eggs.

From left to right. Eric Rietveld, Bert Elam (aka Santa Clause), Buddy Laliberte, Dave Lamb, Dave Galey and of course Harold Kroeker. I’m assuming Harolds wife is behind the camera.

Thank to Eric for providing the information and to Harold for the photos