Aviation Safety 43: 43. Weather flying tips and debating Boeing vs. Airbus, with Captain Doug Morris

As a former meteorologist and a 25,000-hour airline captain, Doug Morris loves to talk about weather—but he’s worried most other pilots don’t share his love. He talks about the most misunderstood weather concept, whether forecasts are getting better, and why pilots might actually have too many weather tools. He also shares stories from his days flying in Atlantic Canada’s famously bad weather, and weighs in on the Boeing vs. Airbus debate (he has logged a lot of time in both). In the “Ready to Copy” segment, Doug talks about the most underrated weather tool, the most interesting airport in Canada, and what it’s like to see the Northern Lights from an airplane.


Doug’s weather book: https://www.pilotweatherbook.com/product-page/pilot-weather

This Is Your Captain Speaking: https://www.amazon.com/This-Your-Captain-Speaking-Stories/dp/1770415858

Sporty’s Pilot Training app: http://sportys.com/discover

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