Aviation Safety 34: 34. Top Gun training and test pilot stories, with Chuck Coleman

Test pilot. Airshow pilot. Instructor for Top Gun: Maverick actors. Chuck Coleman might have one of the most interesting resumes in aviation, and he has plenty of stories to back up this experience. He talks about training actors to pull Gs for Tom Cruise’s blockbuster movie, working with Burt Rutan on the SpaceShip One project, and what it’s like to fly the Proteus high altitude jet. In the Ready to Copy segment, Chuck answers whether the Icon A5 is a safe airplane, shares the hardest airplane to fly that he’s ever logged time in, and describes the most important character trait for a homebuilder.

Fly with Chuck: https://ctcoleman.com

Actor training for Top Gun: https://youtu.be/yM389FbhlRQ

Sporty’s Pilot Training app: http://sportys.com/discover

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