Aviation Safety 33: 33. Aviation trends, both hype and reality, with Richard Aboulafia

Are you excited about supersonic business jets or electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft? Richard Aboulafia is going to disappoint you: “I’m here with my bucket of cold water.” The always-entertaining aviation analyst explains why these buzzy projects probably won’t happen, what technology will become a reality, and why business jets are hot right now. He also analyzes the airlines’ summer of misery and shares the right lessons to learn from the 737 MAX disaster. In the “Ready to Copy” segment, Richard tells us about the Concorde, the Collier Trophy, and China’s airliner ambitions.

Richard’s website: https://richardaboulafia.com

Richard’s articles at Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/richardaboulafia/

Sporty’s Pilot Training app: http://sportys.com/discover

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