Aviation Safety 25: 25. Unleaded avgas and flying taildraggers, with Paul Bertorelli

Finding a replacement for 100LL has been a “galactically slow train wreck,” according to longtime aviation journalist Paul Bertorelli. In his famously blunt way, he explains what’s going on with GAMI’s unleaded fuel candidate, when you might be able to pump some of it, and why he thinks the FAA has dropped the ball. He also speculates on the future of electric airplanes following Textron’s purchase of Pipistrel, plus what he thinks of the latest eVTOL concepts from Joby and Archer. In the rapid-fire “Ready to Copy” segment, Paul comments on everything from the Cirrus parachute to whether the Air Force has seen alien spacecraft. If you know Paul’s work, you know he doesn’t lack opinions, but he always backs it up with facts learned from a long career of covering aviation.

Paul’s blog at Avweb: https://www.avweb.com/author/paulb/

Paul’s videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/AVweb/videos

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