Aviation Safety 23: 23. Inverted flat spins and airmanship, with Spencer Suderman

What’s it like to complete 98 inverted flat spins from 24,000 feet in a Pitts? Spencer Suderman is the only person in the world who knows, and he describes that incredible experience in this fast-moving episode. He also shares his opinion on what airmanship is and why it is so important for safe flying: “Pilots communicate with the airplane through the flight controls… you have to know how speak the language.” Spencer has plenty of tips, including which flight control really makes the airplane turn, what his favorite maneuver is for improving airmanship skills, and how he handled the loss of a propeller in flight.

Spencer’s website: http://spencersuderman.com

Inverted flat spins record: https://youtu.be/kIF8OJ2Q51A

Spencer’s new YouTube series on airmanship: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBHmEXretS0o_ZBP7zyO7FTjBI25fjM1F

Sporty’s Tailwheel Checkout Course: https://www.sportys.com/tailwheel-checkout-course-with-patty-wagstaff.html

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