Aviation Safety 20: 20. Living in the age of electric airplanes, with Joby’s Greg Bowles

“We are living in the age of electric airplanes,” says Greg Bowles. He would know, since he works at eVTOL pioneer Joby Aviation. Greg, an airplane and helicopter pilot, explains whythis time might really be different for electric aviation, why noise is as important as safety for communities, and what the trickle-down benefits of the electric investment boom might be for general aviation. He also shares his perspective as an aircraft certification expert, including the new MOSAIC program from the FAA. In the “ready to copy” segment, Greg tells us whether airplanes or helicopters are more fun, when we might see an electric kitplane, and what the future holds for pilotless airplanes.

Joby Aviation: https://www.jobyaviation.com

NASA study on regional aviation: https://sacd.larc.nasa.gov/ram/

Sporty’s PJ2 COM Radio: https://www.sportys.com/pj2-handheld-com-radio.html

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