Aviation Safety 14: 14. Busting maintenance myths with Mike Busch

There are two simple rules for improving engine longevity, says Mike Busch, and corrosion is a much bigger problem than wear. He should know—as aviation’s best known mechanic, he has been leading the revolution in “reliability-centered maintenance.” In this episode, Mike explains what that means, why more maintenance isn’t always better, and how hot is too hot when it comes to cylinder head temperature. He also shares his views on oil additives, lean of peak operation, and owner-performed maintenance. Whether you’re an experienced aircraft owner or a new student pilot, there’s plenty to learn from this packed episode.

Savvy Aviation: https://www.savvyaviation.com/

Mike’s books: https://resources.savvyaviation.com/resources/mikes-books/

Aircraft supplies: https://www.sportys.com/aircraft-supplies.html

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