Aviation Safety 11: 11. GA trends and urban air mobility hype, with Mac McClellan

As Editor-in-Chief at Flying magazine for 20 years, Mac McClellan flew just about every new airplane delivered after 1976. In this episode he shares his favorite ones and some that he wished he’d never flown. As a keen observer of general aviation trends, Mac also explains why pilots are flying fewer cross countries (except for Cirrus owners), why personal flying inevitably means tradeoffs between safety and efficiency, and what the future holds for urban air mobility/eVTOL proposals. In the “ready to copy” segment, Mac shares why he thinks personal minimums are a bad idea, the best places to fly in Michigan, and what sailing and flying have in common. You might disagree with some of Mac’s opinions, but he’ll definitely make you think.

Mac’s articles at Air Facts: https://airfactsjournal.com/author/macmcclellan/

Mac on Eclipse: https://www.flyingmag.com/what-went-wrong-eclipse/

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