Aviation Safety 7: 7. Backcountry flying and family airplanes, with the RAF’s John McKenna

Flying in the backcountry means “dispensing with the direct-to button,” says Recreational Aviation Foundation Chairman John McKenna. The rewards for doing so include true adventure and stunning views—far beyond the $100 hamburger. He explains why you don’t need big bushwheels to fly these trips, how his organization preserves remote landing strips all over the US, and what he has learned from over 6,000 hours in tailwheel airplanes. He also shares his tips for including family in your flying adventures. In the “Ready to Copy” segment, John picks his favorite backcountry airport, describes how to make great cowboy coffee, and explains why he once loaded over 60 dogs in a single airplane.

Host: John Zimmerman (@jtzim), Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Guest: John McKenna, Recreational Aviation Foundation

RAF: https://theraf.org

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