Aviation Safety 4: 4. Aerobatics and flying in Africa, with Patty Wagstaff

Patty Wagstaff is one of the most famous airshow pilots in history, but her aviation story includes so much more than just aerobatics. In this wide-ranging podcast episode, Patty talks about what’s going through her mind during an airshow, what pilots can learn from an upset recovery course, why she chose to fly as a wildfire spotter for Cal Fire, and why she loves flying in Africa. As you’ll hear, she has flown an incredible variety of airplanes. In the fast-paced “Ready to Copy” segment, Patty shares her favorite warbird, what pilots can learn from horses, and what it was like to grow up in Japan.

Host: John Zimmerman (@jtzim), Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Guest: Patty Wagstaff, https://pattywagstaff.com

Basic Aerobatics Course with Patty Wagstaff: Sportys.com/aerobatics

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