Aviation Safety 3: 3. iPad apps and legal weather briefings with iPad Pilot News Editor Bret Koebbe

Has the iPad made flying safer? What counts as a legal weather briefing these days? And what are the latest trends in aviation apps? Nobody knows the world of electronic flight bags better than Bret Koebbe, a corporate pilot, active flight instructor, and Editor at iPad Pilot News. He shares his tips for integrating an iPad into primary flight training, flying with datalink weather, and using flight simulators to learn a new app. In the fast-paced “Ready to copy” segment, Bret shares his favorite app, what it’s like to fly Sporty’s 1963 Piper Aztec, and his best tip for smoking meat.

Host: John Zimmerman (@jtzim), Sporty’s Pilot Shop

Guest: Bret Koebbe, iPadPilotNews.com

Flight Gear iPad Battery Pack: Sportys.com/battery

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