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Monthly safety Blogs from the Springfield Flying Club Safety Pilots Peter Moodie and David Lamb.

Safety Concern, Do you actually know where you are and are you following the right procedures?

Silly question to ask yourself, I know. Especially, in this day and age where every bit of information is readily available at your fingertips and yet it’s a daily occurrence because people simply don’t take the time to look up the required information or couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Whatever the reason it’s unacceptable.
Sure people make mistakes, we’re all human. So, one way is to know where you are, what you’re doing and how you’re going to do it. It’s called having Situational Awareness and I’m afraid many people simply. Don’t have it.

Sitting at the hanger today and enjoying the warm October weather. We were witnessed to that lack of situational awareness from a couple of pilots doing circuits off Rwy 35 as the winds were out of the north around 10 to 15 kts. The aircraft and individuals in question here departed off Rwy 35 and a few minutes later we hear them land and backtrack to depart 35 once again. I was wondering where they came from because we never seen them on the downwind leg and not one radio call was made. As they departed I watched them continue into right hand circuits for a few stop and go’s where in fact they should have been flying left hand circuits. On top off it all not one radio call was made.
Now completed annoyed 🤬I used the clubhouse radio to remind them that the circuits at an uncontrolled aerodome where left hand circuits and not right hand.
Immediately, after that they landed taxied in and eventually parked, shutdown and left. (Thank god for that).
I was curious and was wondering why we didn’t hear any calls. Were they Nordo or Ronly? To my shock, 🫨 they had a radio but it was on 122.80.
That’s telling me that these two individuals had no SA whatsoever.. 🫣

Not sure they even know what kind of predicament they put other people in because they simply were not following the proper procedures in an uncontrolled aerodome.
The active runway was 35 where the procedure calls for traffic joining from the east would join the circuit overhead at midfield to join the left downwind. Therefore, not expecting and aircraft to be in a right had pattern, an unexpected traffic joining from the east would find themselves in potential dangerous situation.
As I watched this, I could see the number of items that continued to align the holes that could possibly cause a catastrophic accident, simply because of someone ignorance.
1. The aircraft in question not following the proper procedures in an uncontrolled aerodome environment.
2. The aircraft in question was in fact on the wrong frequency or possibly Nordo. .
3. The time of day when the sun is in the eyes of the any traffic joining from the east making all traffic very hard to see.
4. No question was asked. Why are we not hearing the aircraft ahead of us making any calls.

Just as a reminder of the uncontrolled aerodome produce a PDF is attached to this post. Please, review and use it.