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Aviation Safety 45: 45. IFR flying tips and gear-up landing stats, with Tom Turner

Is instrument flying easier or harder than it used to be? Hall of fame flight instructor Tom Turner says it’s easier, but only if you know how to use all the tools properly. As part of Sporty’s IFR Month, he talks about plenty of instrument topics, including training tips, how to stay IFR current, and when to use the autopilot. He also shares data from his decades of research on engine failures and gear-up landings, some of which may surprise you. In the “Ready to Copy” segment, Tom talks about the airplane renter’s code of conduct, the worst advice new pilots get, and whether it’s ever OK to get out of an airplane with the engine running.


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Aviation Safety 44: 44. Flying and writing about the 1919 transcontinental air race, with John Lancaster

How do you write a book about a transcontinental air race from 100 years ago? First you buy an airplane and fly the route yourself. That’s exactly what John Lancaster did for his new book, The Great Air Race. He explains what this outrageously ambitious event was all about, where you can find signs of the race today, and what it was like to retrace the steps in his LSA. He also talks about the rewards of taking long trips in light airplanes, the prospects for modern air races, and life as a foreign correspondent. In the “Ready to Copy” segment, John talks about get-there-itis, his favorite anecdote from the book, and where to get the best food in the Middle East.


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Aviation Safety 43: 43. Weather flying tips and debating Boeing vs. Airbus, with Captain Doug Morris

As a former meteorologist and a 25,000-hour airline captain, Doug Morris loves to talk about weather—but he’s worried most other pilots don’t share his love. He talks about the most misunderstood weather concept, whether forecasts are getting better, and why pilots might actually have too many weather tools. He also shares stories from his days flying in Atlantic Canada’s famously bad weather, and weighs in on the Boeing vs. Airbus debate (he has logged a lot of time in both). In the “Ready to Copy” segment, Doug talks about the most underrated weather tool, the most interesting airport in Canada, and what it’s like to see the Northern Lights from an airplane.


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Aviation Safety 42: 42. Why GA is experiencing a renaissance, with Flying magazine’s Craig Fuller

GA is booming, and new Flying magazine owner Craig Fuller says this isn’t just a passing fad. He explains why he believes the industry is experiencing a renaissance right now, with a new generation of pilots attracted by YouTube and a new generation of aviation businesses funded by venture capital. He also shares why he’s such a believer in print magazines, what the new business model is for media companies, and how a fly-in community is part of his strategy. In the Ready to Copy segment, Craig talks about Top Gun, a potential eVTOL bust, and the lessons aviation can learn from the trucker shortage.

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