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Shocking surprise during my annual.

Being a first time aircraft owner and owning my Sonex for 2 years now I try to be vigilant when it comes to my inspections.  As a result of  putting  to bed every winter I do two annual inspections on it 1st inspection as I get it ready for the flying season and the second every August for TC requirements.
I keep myself up on service bulletins and if required completed them. Which I did with this one.


Dated: 08-22-05

Required on all Sonex Aircraft

All Welded Components should be checked prior to your next flight with a particular emphasis on the motor mounts in the area of the lower mount pin attach points. These should be continuously checked at regular intervals after that, such as at Oil Changes, 25, 50, 100, 500 hour inspections and at Annual Inspection.

Note: A crack in your black powder-coated welded component will show as a bright white/gray line and any separation of the structure will be visible to the naked eye. A flashlight and magnifying glass should be used to assist in the inspection.

Any crack found must be repaired prior to your next flight.

With probably less than 10hrs put on this puppy this year before the required annual. Firewall forward to my surprise how fast this could happen. Not sure what I could have been from but I glad I don’t take corners and follow my inspection sheet to the “T”.

So now I must ask. As the engine needs to be pulled and repaired to repair the mount which I’ve heard can be and better the new.
So if anyone knows where I can get a sand blaster to remove the entire powder coat to inspect and reinforce the mount. I would truly grateful.

hopefully reading this will prevent people from skipp8ng corners. It simply isn’t worth it.

On a second note.   For gods sake DON’T TELL MY WIFE



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