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Hi all my name is Mark Killen. I'm currently a pilot for Air Transat on the A321 LR and love every aspect of my job. On the fun side I'm the owner of the Legacy Sonex #0327 you see flying arounfd the airport. Being apart of a Springfield flying club community is a pleasure.

Lyncrest Website poll

Hello everyone. I’ve started a poll to give me a good sense of how the website is doing and what is needed to improve and make it much easier to use.
During this poll evaluation it will also help me incorporate voting capabilities for members and important items that need to be voted on. So please expect a few more polls so I will be able to gather data and help me improve the capability of the website.

Mark Killen

Lyncrest Website poll

How do you rate the SFC website?

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War Birds at Lyncrest.

Good afternoon everyone,

I wanted to advise that we plan to have the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum ( CATPM) Harvard, Cornell and Tiger Moth  at Lyncrest September 15 to 17, 2023. For anyone interested in booking a ride or has any questions, please let me know and we will set something up that works for your schedule.

For information purposes, I have attached a copy of our Flight Form and Passenger Liability Waiver. As outlined, the cost of a flight in the Harvard is $400 plus a $30 Museum membership fee. A ride in the Cornell or Tiger Moth is $280 plus a $30 Museum membership fee. We issue a tax receipt for the ride portion ( $400 or $280). Payment can be made on the day/time of the flight via cash, cheque or CC.

Best Regards,

Mark Odegard–Chief Pilot 

CATP Museum