The 2023 Eleventh Gilbert Bourrier Safety Seminar/Pilot Decision Making/Crew

Once again it is time for another Safety Seminar. George Gavrailoff,
facilitator of the VFR/IRF Seminars will be giving a presentation on
making safe flying decisions. This will be followed by a round table
discussion which will get you thinking about your own decision making
process. Pilot Decision Making/Crew Resource Management presentation will be held on Saturday, 25 November,
2023 beginning at 09:00, Lyncrest airport. This should give an opportunity to talk about safety issues and speak with the presenter. This safety seminar is TC approved for recency purposes.

There will be a $10.00 fee to attend and a we provide a light lunch after the session where all proceeds will go toward the Gilbert Bourrier Model Building Workshop.


Advance registration is required to ensure you have a seat. To register please please send an email with your full name
and license number to:

Hope to see you there!
Thank you very much and Happy Landings,
Peter Moodie

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