Aviation Safety 18: 18. How technology has changed flying, with Max Trescott

As one of the premier Cirrus flight instructors in the country, Max Trescott has strong opinions about pilots and technology, including: “the debate about the parachute is over” and “the autopilot is the glass cockpit.” In this fast-paced episode, Max makes the case that technology has changed and pilots need to change too. He also shares tips for flying stabilized approaches, how to use an iPad to avoid terrain, and why the track vector on glass cockpits is often overlooked. In the “Ready to copy” segment, Max tells us why you’re probably pouring oil into your airplane’s engine the wrong way, the best part of being an independent flight instructor, and why sumping fuel doesn’t guarantee you’ll notice misfueling.

Max’s podcast: https://aviationnewstalk.com

Max’s books: https://www.maxtrescott.com/max_trescott_on_general_a/books/

Sentry ADS-B Receiver: https://www.sportys.com/foreflight-sentry-ads-b-receiver.html

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